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Showing posts from October, 2017

Angelica Mesiti

Do you know the Australian video artist Angela Mesiti? NGA Canberra is showing her critically adored recent work till March 2018. I wish I could go. I have not seen her work in person. As an alternative, albeit a poor one, Mesiti's vimeo page is a fantastic, much visited repository. Hers is the trap of current that nudges me afloat on bleak, empty days and I see many parallels between my wobbly explorations and  her  accomplished oeuvre on non-linguistic communications.

Irish artist Mary Duffy

I recently started working the Irish artist and actress Mary Duffy. Together we hope to query the priority given to the hand as the highest tool of human gestures in worship. If you watched the  2006 movie 'Fur' with Nicole Kidman  playing the American photographer Diane Arbus and Robert Downey,Jr. playing her mentor, you will encounter Althea portrayed wonderfully by Mary Duffy.