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Irish artist Mary Duffy

I recently started working the Irish artist and actress Mary Duffy. Together we hope to query the priority given to the hand as the highest tool of human gestures in worship. If you watched the  2006 movie 'Fur' with Nicole Kidman  playing the American photographer Diane Arbus and Robert Downey,Jr. playing her mentor, you will encounter Althea portrayed wonderfully by Mary Duffy.

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My Sister's Coven

I am angry. I am still angry with my big sister for dying on me. As I embark on this project I am once again angry  and helpless, the way I felt when she whispered  ‘help me’ , her final words to me from her deathbed.

This exhibition is a reified representation of my witchy big sister’s little apartment in Yarraville Melbourne the day she died in 2004. I don't remember it much. There are little details that stick in my mind - bits and pieces of a sparsely populated migrant’s bedsit living on the breadline away from her family and from care and love.

Even before my sister got sick and left  home for a better life in Australia, she wielded generous healing magic. Living away from her family she escaped the brutal actuality of migrant lives through her magic. She braved the trauma and the many challenges of her new life through her magic. When cancer arrived in 2004, she turned to magic to find the resources for coping with a seemingly endless cycle of hurt. As her body broke, the s…

ten gestures

I have a presentation next week at COPPA at the RHA in Dublin. My talk is on the ' Five Step Six point Soul Saving Manouevre'  which is about my ongoing work with  gestures, movements and rhythms in worship  and mourning,  culled from the rituals of various magico-religious belief systems in South Asia ( and now including Ireland).

 I am always uncomfortable with these talks.  I wish someone else could take over. Which got me thinking. Who would I ask? If there were two people I could coax to present for me they would be James T.Siegel for how he talks about magic in everyday life and Elochukwu E.Uzukwu for his wonderful assertion that worship must always be local.